finding passion and purpose as an entrepreneur

Finding Passion and Purpose As An Entrepreneur

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. Have never held a “real” job. So you’d think I’ve probably always done something for work that I loved to do… right? That’s not quite true. Actually, not even close. You see, as entrepreneurs (or people who want to break out of their day job and become an […]

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Are You Comfortable? That’s An Entrepreneurial Death Sentence

Growing up I always thought it was good to be comfortable. I like a comfortable bed. A comfortable lead in my baseball games was good. My parents made a comfortable living. Comfort is good. Right? Yes, comfort is great… in the right places. Comfort is great in places where you don’t want (or need) to […]

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entrepreneurs be kids again

Entrepreneurship Is About Being A Kid Again

Think back to when you were a kid… a really young kid. Or, if you have kids or know young kids (under 5 years old) think of them. Think about how fearless kids are at that age. How kids go out and “do it” first… and ask for forgiveness later. How kids don’t really care […]

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Do you need funding for your business? New video…

Check out this new video I just posted. It’s only about 8 min long so watch the whole thing. Remember the cool thing about the “concept stage”… is it’s just that… you just need AN IDEA. You don’t need revenues, you don’t need financials per se, you just need an idea that you feel strongly […]

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Insanely Simple – Entrepreneur Book for July

The next book we decided to read for the entrepreneur book club is covering something that we all should think a whole lot more about, and that is really just keeping everything as simple as possible. Believe me, that is much easier than it sounds. Check out the video below, I introduce the book, tell […]

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Scientific Marketing – May Entrepreneur Book

As a follow-up to last month’s read, we decided to cover a little more on marketing for the month. It’s something everyone should know more about so why not spend some extra focus there? Check out the video below, I introduce the book, tell ya why I think it’s a good pick for the month, […]

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Entrepreneur Book for March and April 2013

After a long drawn out search through my library here at The Loft we finally picked a book for our Entrepreneur Book Club to read this month. We decided we didn’t want to cover any of the major things that Jim Rohn covered in our last book (The 5 Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle) […]

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My Favorite Book From 2012 – And January Entrepreneur Book Club Book

I started an entrepreneur club a little over a year ago and we recently launched a book club. We are kicking off 2013 with a great book that I read recently that really helped me change focus and think differently about a lot of things. I wanted to be sure to share the book with […]

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How To Discover That Hidden Blind Spot That Is Crippling Your Potential

I was 20 years old, sitting in my college library studying away on a computer. For almost a year I had been learning every technique, tactic and legality in real estate… so much so that I could accurately answer questions “newbies” were posting on online forums like a seasoned pro. But, the only thing is… […]

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What Are You Trying To Build? Do You Even Know?

I guess you could call it a personality flaw… but I love to get stuff started… but not huge on sitting down and writing down a specific plan. Ideas fall out of my ears and I tend to implement fast on getting stuff rolling. But, the problem I realized a little while back is that […]

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