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This site is to help you make your greatest impact in life and business. Follow my journey & learn along with me as I follow an unconventional path to grow my own multi-million dollar SaaS startup Carrot, our Roseburg, OR based entrepreneur workspace theLoft, and rally our small town around this new entrepreneurial energy to create massive change.

6 Years Ago I Realized I Had To Make A Change…

As I wrote about in my most popular post, about the Pumpkin Farmer, life and entrepreneurship is all about the ebb and the flow. When you feel like you’ve got it figured out the universe throws some twists and turns at you.

For me it was 5 years ago when from the outside in I had the life. And I did. An amazing family. The most beautiful wife. Healthy and happy kids. A great income running my own businesses.

Life was great.

But something BIG was missing. 

From the outside in it looked like I had it all… but what I learned is once your bills are paid and you have a couple bucks socked away… we all start to really search for those things we’re all told we need to find.

Purpose. Meaning. Passion. Mission.

And for me, it wasn’t easy.

In fact, it was downright painful at times. I’d mentally beat myself up and make up things that I thought were the purpose I was supposed to have. The passions I was supposed to build businesses around.

But at my core I knew those weren’t it.

And over the next 18 months I went on this journey that totally flipped my world upside down and has led to amazing purpose, working within my strengths and passions more than ever, increasing my income so much with a business that makes a huge difference and is FUN as heck to grow that I sometimes pinch myself at what we’re building, and attracting insanely great people into my life to amplify them so they can make their greatest impact as well.

I know more curveballs will come my way… but now that I’ve seen beyond the “empty promise of entrepreneurship” (what many of us start companies for) and into the new way I’ve found you can live, create, and grow… life for me will never be the same.

It sounds corny I know. And it kind of is.

But this blog is kind of my “journal” as I live my own journey.

On here you’ll find me writing (and doing videos) about things I go through and learn as I… 

  • Grew Carrot from an idea to over $2mm/yr in revenue within 36 months (100% bootstrapped)
  • Tackle my own struggles that I need to break through (fitness, mindset, health, team building, leadership, etc)
  • Grow our team and hire… I’m learning a ton there
  • Find ways to do more of what I love and less wasting time with busy work (still a big struggle)
  • Learn how to not just build an income but build serious life changing wealth that can make massive impact in our community
  • Use unconventional ways to market our businesses that create the exact business I want (your marketing should cater to your ideal lifestyle, not the other way around)
  • Raise my 3 young kids with my beautiful wife and find that important “balance” we find so hard to maintain
  • Break out of my bad habits and find “hacks” to adopt amazing new habits that can amplify my life and those around me
  • … and more

I’ve been a bit “behind the scenes” up until now…

… but now that my primary company Carrot has a great team built out (and growing) and I’ve been able to more successfully work more and more on the things that I’m pumped to do that energize me and less and less on those mundane things that drag me down… I want to pour that energy into sharing all of those wins, failures, lessons, and thoughts right here.

I hope it helps you as much as I know it’ll help me getting it out of my head.

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That’s where the real behind the scenes stuff is that I don’t have time to put here on this blog.

Here’s to a fun and fulfilling journey. Here’s to questioning your current path to make sure at your core it’s where you want to dedicate the next 10, 20, 30, 50 years. And here’s to amplifying you to make your greater impact.

Dive into the blog and share the articles that hit you in one way or another with others who can benefit.

Enjoy 🙂


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