Passion and Projects

Life is a wild ride. The second you think you’ve got it nailed… life changes on ya and the whole world looks different to you. I’ve started a half dozen companies, investing in several, some were wildly profitable, some don’t have a profit lean at all (are more mission based), but all are part of my journey in life, business, and my mission.

My Passion and Mission:

Life is much sweeter when you have a passion and mission that hits you at your core. It took me years to find mine… in fact, just recently I’ve really come into my stride with my mission in life and passion behind why I do what I do.

My current mission that’s driving me is creating community change on a massive scale through entrepreneurship and lifestyle… but starting locally in our rural town of Roseburg, Oregon. Building off of my passion for helping people (which includes businesses and communities) see how damn much opportunity there is out there when you truly believe you can make a big difference… there are rural communities all around the world who aren’t thriving like they should… simply because they don’t believe they can (or don’t know how to in the current economy where cities are growing and rural towns are shrinking).

I believe entrepreneurship is a huge part of this transformation… and we’re on a mission here in Roseburg to create a thriving entrepreneur community so vibrant that people around the state, US, and world can’t help but notice what big things this little community is doing. ¬†From there, I can envision helping other small communities make the same transformation. To me… it’s a powerful thing to transform a person, which transforms a community, which transforms a nation, and potentially the world. Entrepreneurship, guts, and passion can help us do that.

My Current Projects:

Here’s some of the projects I’m currently working on. If there are any synergies… hit me up:

  • Carrot – Software startup that helps small businesses generate inbound leads online more effectively with less headache. (my main focus)
  • CarrotCast Podcast – Every week I dish out thoughts, interviews, and insights to help you live with more purpose, grow your business, and increase your profits.
  • theLoft Entrepreneur Workspace – 8,000sqft creative space for entrepreneurs in Roseburg, Oregon
  • Young Entrepreneur Society of Roseburg – Local entrepreneur group that’s growing fast and making big things happen (handed off to Umpqua Business Center)
  • AthletesBrand – High quality off-field apparel with a vintage twinge aimed at athletes (dozens of high level and well known professional athletes are wearing our gear already!) (Investor / Advisor)
  • CallLoop – The easiest text message marketing and voice broadcast software for online based companies and marketers (Investor / Advisor)
  • SalesMessage – Simple, Scalable, Two-Way Text Messaging Platform For Businesses (Investor)
  • Roseburg Angel Investor Network – Our local angel investing group to help push economic development in the Umpqua Valley (Investor / Advisor)
  • Real Estate Investments – On an ongoing basis I’m looking for solid real estate investment opportunities. Ideally small multi-family buy and hold properties