To Plan Effectively, Seek Counsel

Truly diligent seek counsel not just when in trouble, but from the beginning, before they begin an effort.

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.” – proverbs 15:22

Most of the time I get in trouble is when I don’t get advice from people I trust OR when I get counsel but don’t take the advice.

Often we want to be all independent and “I can do this on my own”, but it’s the path to slow momentum and inconsistent results.

Who do you have around you that you trust (aligned values and morals) to give counsel?

Faith: Who can feed into you? Weekly I meet with a few guys for Wednesday AM discipleship group and bi-weekly as a family with our community group. Has been life changing and centers me. My friend @seth_buechley has been most impactful here. Love ya brother!

Your spouse: Itrust my wife to call me on my stuff and give good advice. She challenges me, encourages me (and she’s hot 🔥🔥 ;-).

Health: Who can you hire or hang with to guide you to health and energy? In 2018 I hired a coach, and 3-4 e trelrebeur friebds come to my office 3x a week to workout.

Business; 2016 I hired my first coach, I don’t go a week today without meeting with a coaxch. Attract amazing business partners. And I’m in 2 masterminds. They’ve been KEY. Don’t go it alone.

Build your group of trusted counsel. It’ll change your life.

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