My Quick Bio

It sounds corny… but what fuels me in business and life is impact and being that spark of positivity and possibility that helps amplify leaders to better make their greater impact in life and business.

I’m fortunate enough to have never had a real job for anyone else… but that also means that along the way I’ve had to make a ton of my own mistakes. Those mistakes and a handful of core operating principles on how I live my life have helped me do some pretty fun and cool things in business up to this point. Business wise my main gig is the Chief Experience Officer (CEO 🙂 of Carrot, a software as a service company that helps small businesses more easily create a website to generate inbound leads through the internet that is growing fast and well into the multiple 7 figure per year revenue range… 100% bootstrapped.

In addition if we talk on the phone you won’t be able to shut me up about how important wrapping mission and impact into your business are. So I’m using this site to share what I learn along the way and help amplify other leaders to do bigger, better, greater, and more impactful things that go well beyond adding some extra zeros to your bank account…

… but make a lasting difference that starts a ripple of awesomeness in the world.

Other random trivia tidbits…

  • Have the most beautiful wife and 3 kids I could ask for.  They’re why I do what I do.
  • Bought a 4 unit multi-family real estate investment property when I was 21 and in college with only $600 to my name (yep, those infomercials weren’t lying. Crazy huh?)… its profited every month since then (real estate works!). I don’t consider myself a real estate expert though… but surround myself with great, ethical, honest, successful investors who are experts… whom we publish great training programs with that we’re proud as heck of
  • Portland Business Journal 40 under 40 Honoree 2017
  • Oregon Entrepreneur Network “Entrepreneur Achievement Award” Finalist 2017
  • Started an entrepreneur co-workspace called “The Loft” in downtown Roseburg… it’s the only office building in town with a waiting list and some amazing things are being created in that space
  • Once biked across the SW coast of Ireland fueled mainly on Guinness and a full Irish breakfast
  • Graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology (we call it the MIT of Oregon) with a 3.98 GPA with degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (which was cool at the time, but I later learned it didn’t mean a thing once I graduated 🙂
  • Later failed the LSAT to get into law school… twice, and turned back to my roots of entrepreneurship (thank God)
  • Received the Presidents Cup in Entrepreneurship at OIT for being the “top college entrepreneur” and 10 years later awarded the Oregon Institute of Technology Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award for this “entrepreneur stuff”. Look ma’, I actually used my degree for what it was meant for! 😉
  • Board Member of The Oregon Tech Foundation
  • Helped take a company to the Inc. 500/5000 list in 2008 (and Carrot is heading that direction too as I type)
  • Have a goal to do one thing on my “life list” a month for 10 years so I have time to make a new life list by the time I’m 40
  • … and is only just beginning.