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Roseburg   Co working space
Video Transcription

Trevor Mauch: Hey, this is Trevor Mauch here in Roseburg, Oregon and I’m actually in The Loft in downtown Roseburg right now, 950 Southeast Oak Avenue and I’m shooting this nonprofessional video on my cell phone just to kind of give you a little tour of The Loft, of this space. So I just came out of my office right there. I’m going to flip the lights on here in a second, but this is our kind of general gathering room. We have our gym right here. We have about 13 different companies, all doing amazing things, innovative things here in Roseburg that a lot of people probably don’t know about. Here’s our awesome content studio where Born and Raised Outdoors does podcasts, I do podcasts, other people do videos and podcasts in this studio available for Loft members. If you’re a ping pong player, we’ve got that thing. We have an annual ping pong tournament. Right here’s our gym. We have our trainer that comes in four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you want to join in, that’s also included with your Loft membership.

Popping over here now, flipping on some lights, we’ve got our kitchen, we’ve got our lounge, and I’m going to take you over to the actual office space on the other side. If you’re looking to get a co-work space here in Roseburg, Oregon, if you’re looking for an entrepreneur workspace, you want to have a space to work with other amazing people, The Loft is the heartbeat of entrepreneurship in Roseburg, Oregon. We’re growing our company here, Carrot, a fast growing software company in Oregon right here. This is our lounge, kind of our break area. Over there we have a lot of cool parties, lots of fun stuff. You can lounge right here and hang out.

I’m gonna take you over to this side now and show you some of the more offices. So what do we have here at The Loft? We have a gym, we have a studio, we’ve got our lounge, our bar, our kitchen and I think it’s about 13 offices. I should have flipped the lights on before I did this video, also … of amazing people. Now currently as I speak, we don’t have any availability but there might be availability or at the very least come and visit us and see what we’re doing here at The Loft. I’m taking you in the board room now. This is our board room. So if you are going to be working and you want to do meetings, you’ve got the white board, you’ve got the big meeting area right here and I’m going to be coming in here and kind of showing some of the other Loft members.

We’ve got one of our offices here. I’m interrupting my team, Mr. Josh back there. This is one of our offices here at Carrot. Right over there is where my office is, where I started this video. And then we’re going to take you over here by the rest of the offices then take you out front so you can see what our building here in downtown Roseburg looks like. And if you’re looking for office space in Roseburg, this is a good fit. Once again, we’re currently full right now, but we have amazing offices all over here, historical building. And most of these people here in Roseburg and in The Loft are creatives. It’s people who are creative, they’re doing marketing, they’re doing video work. Once you move into The Loft, you’re going to get a sticker up here, you’ll be able to move in and out at your leisure.

And I’m going to take you out front. You’re gonna see where we are here in downtown Roseburg. And once again, if you’re looking for downtown office space, we are so passionate about and we so love the Roseburg community here. There’s some things that are rough around the edges. Oh, we have a Shaun siting. We have Shaun siting. Filming a video for The Loft man. But this is what you’re gonna see right here. We’re in beautiful downtown Roseburg. We have the coffee shop right across the way, we’re there quite often. This is The Loft right here. You’re going to see it. This is Oak Avenue. Right up here you have Main Street.

And so I’m going to finish it with this. If you’re looking for a co-work space here in Roseburg, if you’re looking for an office space here in Roseburg, if you’re looking for a place downtown to call home, to grow your business, to have fellowship, to be there with other creatives that are doing amazing things from software, from graphics to IT security, marketing, YouTube stars, the whole thing, come down here to The Loft and check it out. So what are some other things if you’re looking for food? We have a lot of amazing food down here. We’ve got Brix down there, we’ve got Old Soul right there. So that’ll kind of give you an idea of where we are.

Check us out at or come down here to 950 … What’s up man? There’s one of our downtown residents right there, Umpqua Sweets and Treats. Come down here to 950 Southeast Oak Avenue and join The Loft and check us out. Even if you don’t want an office, just come visit us. If you’re looking for an entrepreneur co-work space and if you’re looking for a place to rent an office here in Roseburg or whatever, you just want fellowship, come check us out.

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