My Quick Bio

costa-picbwTrevor is the Chief Experience Officer (CEO :-) of Carrot, a software as a service company that helps small businesses more easily create a website to generate inbound leads through the internet, and Co-Founder of Automize a software development venture focused on helping entrepreneurs Automate, Systemize, and Optimize their businesses and lifestyles and who’s clients include multiple New York Times best selling authors, and Inc. 500 companies.

Trevor is also the founder of MachOneMedia, a consulting and entrepreneurial publishing company based in Roseburg, Oregon.

Trevor’s current mission in life is driving him to create massive change in rural communities through entrepreneurship… starting in his hometown of Roseburg, Oregon.

Building his first million dollar business by the time he was 28, Trevor is passionate about his family, golf, traveling, marketing, beer (not really a passion, but he always makes it a point to visit the best local breweries on his travels :-) entrepreneurs, and helping the younger generation grab hold of their lives and follow their passions through entrepreneurship.

Now, enough of the third person speak…

Other random trivia tidbits about me…

  • Have the most beautiful wife and new baby daughter that push me to be a better father, husband, friend, and person.  They’re why I do what I do
  • Bought a 4 unit multi-family real estate investment property when I was 21 and in college with only $600 to my name (yep, those infomercials weren’t lying. Crazy huh?)… its profited every month since then (real estate works!). I don’t consider myself a real estate expert though… but surround myself with great, ethical, honest, successful investors who are experts… whom we publish great training programs with that we’re proud as heck of
  • Started an entrepreneur co-workspace called “The Loft” in downtown Roseburg… its fast becoming a little hub of entrepreneurial energy in town.  Really fun.
  • Once biked across the SW coast of Ireland fueled mainly on Guinness and a full Irish breakfast
  • Graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology (we call it the MIT of Oregon) with a 3.98 GPA with degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship (which was cool at the time, but I later learned it didn’t mean a thing once I graduated :-)
  • Later failed the LSAT to get into law school… twice, and turned back to my roots of entrepreneurship (thank God)
  • Received the Presidents Cup in Entrepreneurship at OIT for being the “top college entrepreneur”
  • Helped take a company to the Inc. 500/5000 list in 2008
  • Have a goal to do one thing on my “life list” a month for 10 years so I have time to make a new life list by the time I’m 40
  • … and is only just beginning.