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Our Twisted Vision Of “The Good Life”

My main focus right now business wise is a tech company I started in 2013 called Carrot. It’s software helps small businesses (in particular real estate investors) generate more traffic and leads online better. Since this is my first “tech startup”… I’ve been learning a lot about growing a company like this, increasing sales, driving […]

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How To Discover That Hidden Blind Spot That Is Crippling Your Potential

I was 20 years old, sitting in my college library studying away on a computer. For almost a year I had been learning every technique, tactic and legality in real estate… so much so that I could accurately answer questions “newbies” were posting on online forums like a seasoned pro. But, the only thing is… […]

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One Big Thing

Have you ever wondered when too much as an entrepreneur is too much? Or heck, even if you haven’t started a business yet… have you ever wondered when taking on too much in life is too much? Ya, I think we all have. And, most of us have probably at one point or another looked […]

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Whats On Your Life List??? (If you don’t have one, who’s life are you living?)

One thing that is very important to me, and is one of the main reasons I’ve made the choice to be an entrepreneur is experiencing new, exciting, fulfilling, interesting, things and places.   That’s what life’s all about right? So, what happened to me yesterday afternoon was pretty cool… and I want the same thing to […]

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What Everyone Thinks I Do As An Internet Entrepreneur

Awesome picture my man Chris Brisson created and put on our Automize blog last week.  Ha, couldn’t have said it better! Marketing Automation

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The One About Work-Life Balance

Business should be fun… it shouldn’t be life.  This video re-reminded me why I became an entrepreneur in the first place… freedom of time. Its sometimes easy to forget this and get caught up in “work work work”… but in the end its about the small things… not the money you’ve got in the bank. […]

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