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How to Be Like Walt – March/April Entrepreneur Book

We are so excited to start the book we choose for March/ April “How to be Like Walt – Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life” by Pat Williams. You can pick it up on amazon here<< Check out the video below and see why we picked it, pick up a few extra […]

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Why My Little Brother Hugged Danica Patrick

I need your help. And your help will honestly mean the *world* to me. If you know me personally I have a hard time asking for any favors. I usually just put my head down and figure out how to make things happen. That’s the way I grew up. I guess it was passed down from my dad, […]

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The One Thing – January Entrepreneur Book

The book I chose for January is a great book to kick the year off with because it talks about that one thing we all need to get more with less. It’s a book that every entrepreneur should read. So watch the video below, see why I picked it and what I believe you could […]

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You Don’t Need Funding. You NEED to Start SELLING.

Today I got a phone call from Roseburg entrepreneur who came up with a really unique product… in a unique industry… that solves a problem I never even knew existed until today. I can’t reveal what the product is… but I can pretty darn confidently say that 9 out of 10 people would never think […]

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wright brothers unreasonable entrepreneurs

Be Unreasonable – It’s Your Entrepreneurial Duty

This article is being “penned” from 31,000 ft above somewhere over middle America on a trip that started in Oregon this morning and ends in Charelston, SC tonight.  If that sentence right there didn’t blow your mind… why not? How about this… I’m typing this on this light as a feather MacBook Air laptop w/ […]

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11 Thoughts On Being An Entrepreneur

This past year I’ve been engulfed in entrepreneurship. Yes, I’ve been an entrepreneur since the day I graduated college… but this past year has felt more entrepreneurial for me than any other year in my life. I’ve learned a lot this past year. What not to do (still learning). What to do (still learning massively). […]

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finding passion and purpose as an entrepreneur

Finding Passion and Purpose As An Entrepreneur

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. Have never held a “real” job. So you’d think I’ve probably always done something for work that I loved to do… right? That’s not quite true. Actually, not even close. You see, as entrepreneurs (or people who want to break out of their day job and become an […]

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Are You Comfortable? That’s An Entrepreneurial Death Sentence

Growing up I always thought it was good to be comfortable. I like a comfortable bed. A comfortable lead in my baseball games was good. My parents made a comfortable living. Comfort is good. Right? Yes, comfort is great… in the right places. Comfort is great in places where you don’t want (or need) to […]

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entrepreneurs be kids again

Entrepreneurship Is About Being A Kid Again

Think back to when you were a kid… a really young kid. Or, if you have kids or know young kids (under 5 years old) think of them. Think about how fearless kids are at that age. How kids go out and “do it” first… and ask for forgiveness later. How kids don’t really care […]

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Do you need funding for your business? New video…

Check out this new video I just posted. It’s only about 8 min long so watch the whole thing. Remember the cool thing about the “concept stage”… is it’s just that… you just need AN IDEA. You don’t need revenues, you don’t need financials per se, you just need an idea that you feel strongly […]

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