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My Biggest Growth Lesson So Far As A Startup CEO – Momentum and Bottlenecks

It’s crazy how fast the summer flew by. As the summer comes to a close, look back at those “successes” you had in your company and in your family life and celebrate those before you head into the next season. As my friend and mentor Seth always reminds me, gratitude is the key for us […]

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Amazing Eulogy From Son To Father – Are You Leaving Your Luke Skywalker Inside Of You?

If you’re a student of sales and marketing… the name Chet Holmes is a name you’ve for sure heard of.  He’s one of the thought leaders and great men in the industry.   Chet passed away this month from a year and a half long battle with cancer (way too early in life).   When […]

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One of My Biggest Mistakes Of 2011 (but I’m glad I made it)

Just had an article published on today.  Definitely worth a read for all you entrepreneurs   What was your biggest mistake of 2011? Let me know below.

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Steve Jobs In His Early Years – Behind The Scenes When Starting NeXT

Awesome video I stumbled across thanks to a fellow YEC member that takes you behind the scenes of Steve Job’s startup NeXT… that he launched after he was ousted from Apple. Some really cool stuff in this video… definitely worth the watch. Insights I got and learned from it: How important “driving a stake into […]

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Turning fear into fuel

Awesome inspiration for taking that fear we all have… and making it do some good in our lives.

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Awesome quote of the week… Purpose is Not Your Savior (And Lack of Purpose is Not Your Captor)

Just read this quote today… never heard it said that way… and I freaking love it.  Really simplifies the conversation we all have in our minds about “whats my purpose?”… or, “why can’t I find my purpose”.  Powerful stuff Clay… I love it –  T

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