hathaway“I don’t consult much… but when I do… “

I get asked on a weekly basis if I do consulting. The short answer is no.  The long answer is yes… if  you fit all of these criteria…

  • Are passionate as heck about entrepreneurship and your message in your market
  • Are an existing company that is already doing at least $500k/yr in sales
  • Have a team to help with implementation (or are willing to pay well to leverage my implementation team within my company)
  • Are willing to test new things, trust my advice, and try things you’ll say at first… “that won’t work”
  • last… it has to be a business, industry, or team that I’m excited about working with
  • See the value in investing heavily into the right marketing strategy

If you meet all of those and are looking to add a minimum of $100k/yr to your business… and potentially 7+ figures per year to your business… just connect with me through the Contact page on this site.


I say no much more than I say yes. 2-3 clients a year is currently all I can handle… and I don’t take one-off clients… all must be on a month to month retainer for a minimum of 6 months. Not because your business or idea isn’t great… but because I’ve only got so much time and I’m growing my own companies as my main focus. So, please don’t be offended if I feel we’re not a fit. But, if we’re not a fit I likely can refer you to kick ass people who can help you even better than I can.


Why do I even both with consulting? It’s fun! I love looking at companies and seeing the missed opportunity for growth. I love coming up with ideas and laying out strategies that’ll crush it. It sharpens my mind for growing my own business too which I love.

If it’s a fit, awesome. Let’s connect!