My personal mission is to empower, connect, inspire, and give resources to young entrepreneurs looking to help create great solutions to common problems by taking a risk and starting a company.  So, on this page over time I’ll be building out a resources page that will do just that… provide resources to help entrepreneurs get things done and make things happen more quickly and confidently.

Keep checking back here every month… I’ll add new things here all the time :-)

  • The Energy Audit – One of the biggest things that can kill our happiness and energy in life and in work is by working on things that drain our energy. This is a process I developed and have been using every quarter for years. It’s responsible for my transformation from doing work that drained me, to spending my time on unique strengths that actually give me energy.
  • My Habit Tracker – I’ve tried dozens of planners, journals, and whatnot over the years. This is the only thing that works for me. It helps me become a more  consistent person, helps me build healthy habits, and break bad ones.
  • Hostgator Website hosting – I have used about a half dozen web hosts over the past 5 years.. all sucked but Hostgator.  Now I have 3 hosting accounts w/ them and love them all. Best service by far from any web host I’ve used, uptime is nearly perfect, and cheap. Try ‘em out :-)
  • Aweber Email Autoresponder – I have email autoresponder accounts with Getresponse, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, and Aweber.  Aweber is my favorite, easiest to use, and highest deliverability by far.  If I had to start over I wish I had started w/ Aweber so I don’t have lists all over the place.
  • Marketing Automation, Shopping Cart, and Affiliate Tracking Software I Personally Use And LOVE – I’ve got through 3 shopping carts so far… none are perfect… but Infusionsoft is by far the best marketing automation software out there for small businesses.  We are currently using Infusionsoft to processes about 80-90% of our orders and really do like infusionsoft for their cart, marketing automation tools, and affiliate tracking.
  • TED Talks: This is the MBA of the new age… and it’s free.  Get inspired, entertained, and educated from great thinkers of the world
  • Start-Up Digest: Best free information resource on tactical things you need to know to start up your next tech venture. Tell Chris over there I said hi!
  • Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour: In my opinion, the best inspiration and in person education on entrepreneurship for colleges out there. Michael, Sheena, and Durel are doing some cool things over there… and the young entrepreneur speakers are top notch. Invite them to your school!
  • Gumball Capital: Pure genius idea from Travis Kiefer to provide an easy way for college students to get a taste of entrepreneurship.  All college entrepreneurship professors should connect w/ Travis and his team. They’re doing great things. Keep up the great work Travis!
  • Product Positioning – Positioning your product/service is as important to making the sale as the offer in my opinion. Without the right positioning the offer isn’t as strong… and vice versa.  Check out this awesome article on positioning… a must read.