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You Don’t Need Funding. You NEED to Start SELLING.

Today I got a phone call from Roseburg entrepreneur who came up with a really unique product… in a unique industry… that solves a problem I never even knew existed until today. I can’t reveal what the product is… but I can pretty darn confidently say that 9 out of 10 people would never think […]

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Scientific Marketing – May Entrepreneur Book

As a follow-up to last month’s read, we decided to cover a little more on marketing for the month. It’s something everyone should know more about so why not spend some extra focus there? Check out the video below, I introduce the book, tell ya why I think it’s a good pick for the month, […]

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Entrepreneur Book for March and April 2013

After a long drawn out search through my library here at The Loft we finally picked a book for our Entrepreneur Book Club to read this month. We decided we didn’t want to cover any of the major things that Jim Rohn covered in our last book (The 5 Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle) […]

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ben settle

Email Marketing Strategies Interview With Ben Settle

In this podcast I interview Ben Settle and get some great tips on email marketing and Ben’s unique email marketing strategies like… Why your subscribers want you to email them every single day (and what happens if you don’t) How to shift into pitching in emails in a cool way people love How important is […]

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Increasing Conversion Rates Online – Test #1: 31.% Improvement On A Squeeze Page

Okay, so increasing conversion rates online can be tedious… but can be fun as heck too… one of the things that I really like about marketing is just how darn analytical you can get with things. You can track things down into so much detail that literally… marketing should become an ongoing scientific experiment where […]

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How To Get People To Re-Subscribe To Your Email List (just after they unsubscribed :-)

Question, what do people see on your site when they unsubscribe from your email newsletter list? Do you never see them again and send them off into the abyss? Or… Do you get them to boomerang right back to ya by making them remember why you’re a cool company to do biz with? If you’re […]

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How Using The Wrong Fertilizer Can Kill Your Lawn… and Your Business

When my wife and I bought our house at the end of 2008 here in Roseburg, we moved in and the yard was green as green can be.  It was so damn green in fact that I though “hey, this will be easy to keep the yard work up!”. Over the next year I watered […]

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Starting from scratch…

You know those days when something terrible happens but in the end it starts to be kinda a good thing? Well…. that happened this week. Here’s the story… On Monday I was fiddling around in my FTP client (which I should leave up to my web guys)… and somehow deleted the entire directory that my […]

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