How To Get People To Re-Subscribe To Your Email List (just after they unsubscribed :-)

Add a boomerang effect to your email unsubscribe page (and other stuff): Photo credit

Question, what do people see on your site when they unsubscribe from your email newsletter list?

Do you never see them again and send them off into the abyss?


Do you get them to boomerang right back to ya by making them remember why you’re a cool company to do biz with?

If you’re like most people (myself included until I saw what I’m going to show you)… they see a message that basically tells them that they’re unsubscribed… nothing else.

You don’t… try to give them more value

You don’t… try to get them to re-think their decision and re-subscribe

You don’t… leave them with a good positive impression of your company or brand? (do ya?)

Good.  Now, here’s something I saw the other day that engaged the heck out of me AFTER I decided I didn’t want to get emails from Groupon anymore (I like Groupon a lot actually, I just live in a town that is too small to have Groupon deals so it didn’t do me much good).

So, How Do You Use Your Email Unsubscribe Page To Your Advantage?

Okay, a quick little marketing and conversion tid-bit to test that you can implement in 10 minutes and it…

  • Gets people who just unsubscribed from your email newsletter to really *think* about re-subscribing
  • Builds personality and a sense of fun with the prospect (i.e. – getting them to want to stay to be a part of the fun)
  • Even if they don’t resubscribe you’ve left them with a memorable snapshot of your brand

All cool stuff right?

Well, the other day I unsubscribed from Groupon and saw this…


Now, the cool (and fun part) of this page is what happens after you click the “punish Derrick” button.  Hit the link below to check ‘er out 🙂

Check it out on their site <<


… this is another article I’ll work up soon… but this is a major pattern interrupt (there’s a good post on pattern interrupts, I’ll write one over here sometime soon).  Basically, you’re expecting something (a normal plain and boring unsubscribe page) and you get something totally different (a funny and interactive unsubscribe page that tries to woo you back into their company).  Any time you can interrupt the “pattern” that is going on in your prospect/customers head (of what they’re used to seeing in similar situations)… you’re going to stand out and get some pretty cool results.


How can you get creative with moving people from “I don’t want” to “you guys are awesome and I’ll hang on a bit longer!”?

We’re implementing it on a site of ours now as a test and I’ll let you know the results.

How can you implement it? Lemme know 🙂

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