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Increasing Conversion Rates Online – Test #1: 31.% Improvement On A Squeeze Page

Okay, so increasing conversion rates online can be tedious… but can be fun as heck too… one of the things that I really like about marketing is just how darn analytical you can get with things. You can track things down into so much detail that literally… marketing should become an ongoing scientific experiment where […]

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Covert Email Marketing Tip – Ninja Way Of Finding Weak Spots In Your Email Campaign

So, what are you measuring this week?  Without measuring whats working and what isn’t… you’ll never know how to make small tweaks and changes to make big results over time. I’ll keep shooting a new video every now and then walking through some “ninja” things we’re doing in our business to Automate, Systemize, and Optimize […]

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How To Get People To Re-Subscribe To Your Email List (just after they unsubscribed :-)

Question, what do people see on your site when they unsubscribe from your email newsletter list? Do you never see them again and send them off into the abyss? Or… Do you get them to boomerang right back to ya by making them remember why you’re a cool company to do biz with? If you’re […]

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