Dane Maxwell Interview – Epic Call On Entrepreneurship, Recurring Revenue, Life Purpose, and More

A few months back I watched a Mixergy episode where this guy named Dane Maxwell (smart dude for sure) talked about how he’s started a few small software companies that have pumped predictability into his life as an entrepreneur.

No matter what business you’re in…

  • Author
  • Expert
  • Coach
  • Local service business
  • Hard products seller
  • Software
  • Online publishing
  • A big ass bank or something…

… predictability (as far as revenue goes) is a good thing.

But, most businesses have everything but predictability.  I’d suggest you check out the Mixergyinterview this week.

But before you head over there…

Listen In As I Interview Dane Maxwell (and how it relates to your business in a BIG WAY)

[ audio https://www.trevormauch.com/interviews/dane-interview.mp3 ]

Recently (just before my wife and I had our little baby boy Colton) I got on the phone with Dane on his birthday… and picked his brain on everything from…

  • His story and how he started his most successful software app (brings in about $40k/mo w/ little of his effort not)without coming up with the idea himself, without knowing how to code, nothing.
  • The 3 specific questions to ask in any market BEFORE you sell anything that basically assures people will buy
  • His “airport and beer” story that helped him realize his lifes purpose (this wasn’t something we planned on talking about, it just came up as we were talking)
  • Exactly how to bring recurring revenue and income predictability to any business (even non software businesses… including a pizza parlor that he talks about as an example)
  • … and his new project called theFoundation that is his new passion (check out that link for sure, great lesson in marketing and transparency). 

Check out the mp3 interview below. Enjoy :-)

(click the player below or download the mp3 to start)

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