Starting from scratch…

You know those days when something terrible happens but in the end it starts to be kinda a good thing?

Well…. that happened this week.

Here’s the story…

On Monday I was fiddling around in my FTP client (which I should leave up to my web guys)… and somehow deleted the entire directory that my personal blog is in.

Yep, sucks.

What sucks even more was I thought the site was being backed up…. twice… when in actuality it was being backed up… never.  (ya, I had a convo w/ my hosting company and web peeps about that one).

So, I panicked for 14 seconds…

… then realized this is a good time to have a fresh start on the blog. It needed it 🙂

Where I’m going from here….

I had about 40 posts on my “old” blog and got some okay traffic from it. But, I wasn’t really passionate about what I had wrote anymore and frankly hadn’t posted a new thought provoking post in over a year. I’ve been so darn busy building my companies… I’ve neglected building my own personal brand.

So, over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing this blog back to life… and I’m going to have fun with it this time 🙂

Check back here in a couple weeks… and lets have an awesome 2011 together!

– Trevor

PS- Lesson learned. If you’re not doing double and triple backups of your servers… do it now. I’ll show you in a post what we’re using now to have triple redundancy in our backups.  Funny how it takes something like this to make you protect things right?

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