The Most Destructive Force To Your Success And Lifestyle Sits In YOUR Home

I was reading a study recently (don’t ask me what study because I can’t remember where I saw it 😉 that talked about how productivity here in the U.S. has gone down in the last 20 years to the lowest points in our country’s history.

By productivity I mean… how much the average worker (or citizen) gets done in actually producing economic growth each day.  In the 50’s our nations productivity was high as heck. People flat got stuff done.

Today, we’re lower than most other large economies in the world.

We “work” more and get less results per person today then we did 60 years ago.


Well, I’ve got one reason… and it’s something you’re probably all too familiar with.


I’m going to ask you this question and I want you to give an honest answer.

What would you do if someone came into your home every day and interrupted your thinking time and hypnotized you nightly and turned your mind to mush. He sabotaged 40%-80% of your free time away from your job and left you with nothing to show for it.  He nagged you, told you all of the things wrong with you and this world, and destroyed your family time because he had almost spell-like control over everyone in your house.

I could go on… but what would you do if this person was staying with you?  Would you let them stay forever or kick them out?  I would hope you’re saying “I’d kick them out!”.

Well, if you’re like the average American… you’re actually letting this “person” into your house right now… 100% voluntarily and willingly… and even pay a pretty penny for the “privilege” of having them there.

If you haven’t guessed already… I’m talking about TV.  Yep, that big box that the average American has in their living-room (all 60 inches of LCD HD glory)… in your bedroom… maybe even in your kitchen and kids rooms.

TV’s are a harmless box by themselves.  They just pump out a picture and some sound and keep people entertained.

But, when combined with our human makeup… they’re the most destructive force in your home today to your wealth, health, prosperity, happiness, creativity, and more.

What Is Your TV Costing You Right Now (You’ll Be Surprised)

Now, I’m going to get this out of the way because we have a big ol’ TV on our wall.  We watch some TV… more than I’d like.  So I’m not saying that TV doesn’t have value.  I just want to open your eyes to the destructive power of the TV and how you can double your own productivity and happiness with a few quick steps.

Here’s some stats:

–       The average American watches about 7 hours of TV a day. Lets say you’re part of an elite group and “only” watch 3 hours of TV a day.

–       Lets say you value your own time at $50/hr (which is low, but is the hourly rate you’d have to make to make $100,000/yr working 40 hours a week).

–       Lets say you don’t watch any TV on weekends… just a few hours after work

So, lets do some math now:

–       $50 x 3 hours a day = $150 in your time watching TV each day

–       $150 x 5 days a week = $750 a week in TV time

–       $750 x 52 weeks = $39,000 a year in your time spent watching TV

–       Lets assume you lived this life for 50 years (from 20 – 70) = $1,800,000 in your time watching TV

Now, you can see where I’m going with this.  All of those assumptions were very conservative. If you watch more than 3 hours of TV (most people do) a day… you should increase your numbers. If you want to make more than $100,000 a year… increase your numbers.

But the amazing and eye opening thing here is… looking conservatively… watching only 3 hours of TV 5 days a week… you’re costing yourself over $1.8 million.  And the really scary thing is that if you account for the time… you’re spending over 4 years of your life in front of the TV.  Crazy eh?  I thought so too when I heard these numbers.

Could You Use An Extra $1.8 Million and 4 Additional Years?  Here’s How To Get It

Simple. Do what my wife and I did last year… cancel your cable TV.  Yes, it’s going to hurt at first. Your favorite TV shows will be gone.  You may have to find other things to do every night and morning (more fun things like actually spend quality time with friends and family, work out, work on your business, read, get stuff done around the house, volunteer, a whole bunch of stuff opens up), and your kids may think you’re the weird family.

If being wealthy and living a happy and fulfilled live is weird… then I’ll take weird over “normal” any day of the week (especially since the normal nowadays is broke and tired).

Once we cancelled our cable, things changed BIG TIME in our marriage, energy, my creativity, my business, and every aspect of life. The only thing I lacked was knowing who was voted off on The Bachelor on Monday nights 😉  Take a risk and regain your life and productivity (not to mention the $100/mo in cable fees)


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