The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do – Bust Your Ass And Get Rich

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban on why you should "Bust your ass and get rich"

Best blog post I’ve read in a long time written by Mark Cuban.

One thing as an entrepreneur that really irks me is people who think that money and having lots of money is evil and greedy.

In fact, its as far opposite of that as it can be.

To me (and Mark backs this is way better than I could say it), its actually greedy and evil to not work your hardest to share as much value as you can to others, to not build a business that employs people – makes a TON of money – invests that money back into the community – pays a TON in taxes (and so on).

Yes, the pursuit of money as the end goal and hoarding that money for yourself at the expense of others is evil and greedy.

But, what if you have a business idea inside of you that would truly…

  • … change peoples lives
  • … make people laugh
  • … inspire people
  • … help people have better lives
  • … help people live longer
  • … help more people be educated
  • … help people live more comfortable lives
  • … help more people be rich themselves

Why would you hold that back and not bust your ass and get as rich as you can building  business that does that for other people?  Then, doing good with that money and in turn helping even more people???

READ Mark Cubans article… awesome stuff 🙂

Now, get your idea out there… help a ton of people… get rich as heck… and help a ton more people.

– Trevor

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2 responses to “The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do – Bust Your Ass And Get Rich

  1. Great post – yours and Mark Cuban’s.  I love seeing guys who are really rich and go “against the stereotype” and say they are actually happy with paying taxes because it means they have been really successful and they see it as giving back.  At the same time, Cuban acknowledges (as we all must) that it’s not a perfect world and the government may not always spend our tax dollars as efficiently as we would like. That’s why we need to keep the politicians honest. 

    Thanks for sharing it. 

  2. Thanks John. Yep, 110%… I think taxes are a good thing (to a certain extent) and I’m more than happy to may my *fair* share… but, like we all should… I do everything I can legally by the book to pay as little taxes as I legally can, because every dollar I’m able to keep I think I’m able to do more net good with it than the government will… but like Mark said… we should all work hard as heck to get crazy rich so we can help be driving forces for creating good change… and helping those less fortunate than us.

    Thanks John!

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