The One Thing – January Entrepreneur Book

The book I chose for January is a great book to kick the year off with because it talks about that one thing we all need to get more with less. It’s a book that every entrepreneur should read. So watch the video below, see why I picked it and what I believe you could get from reading it.

January 2014 Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs Book Club - The One Thing

Awesome! This book club started locally here with our young entrepreneurs group… and we decided to open it up to people outside of our area too because we kept getting emails from people who wanted to read the books we were doing.

So, it’s FREE. You just have to buy the book each month on your own.

But, sign up to the email list below… we’ll send you the details about the book each month, and the conference call in details for the end of the month ‘Decompression Chat” on the book.

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Look forward to hearing all of your thoughts and insights into this incredible book.

– Trevor

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One response to “The One Thing – January Entrepreneur Book

  1. Great book recommendation Trevor. Loved the book. It’s been great watching what you’ve done with the book club from a far and I’m excited to join you guys now!

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