What Are You Trying To Build? Do You Even Know?

I guess you could call it a personality flaw… but I love to get stuff started… but not huge on sitting down and writing down a specific plan. Ideas fall out of my ears and I tend to implement fast on getting stuff rolling.

But, the problem I realized a little while back is that sometimes the benefits I get from the speed of implementation can be offset by the lack of really clarifying what the heck I’m trying to build.

What’s the end game?

Questions like…
– What do I want this THING to look like in a year?
– What benefit do I really want to get out of this THING?
– Who am I trying to help, impact, or work with on this THING? (being very specific)
– What changes will I have to make personally to make this THING be successful (and not just a time-suck)?
– What resources will it really take to get this THING launched the right way?
– Is this THING directly in line with my passions and life purpose… i.e. – will it help me live that or is it a distraction?

… all need to be asked.

My flaw up to this point has been that I haven’t taken the time to ask these questions on a few big projects recently and am coming to regret it.

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