You Have 6 Months To Live…

What would you do with your life if you were told you have 6 months to live? Your answer could be the key to living happily and fulfilled today…

We just assume that we’ll be here tomorrow… next month… next year… and in 10 years from now.

Yes, it’s empowering seeing the future and your long-term vision… heck, we’ve all been told to make goals… even 5-10 years out.. but what happens is if we assume we have lots of time to live in the future… it lessens our urgency to do the things that matter the most to us… because “I’ll just start that next month or next year”.

So what matters to you?

What truly matters?

This one question will help you really clarify what really matters, what you’re passionate about, what drives, you…

what if the doctor told you tomorrow that you only have 6 months to live?

I had a good friend who passed away suddenly just over a year ago. Way too early in life. He had so much more life to live, to give, to enjoy. He was 34, married, and has 3 young kids.

He woke up that morning and had no clue that would be his last. In fact, I heard he and his wife were talking about their future that same day.

He didn’t get the courtesy of knowing his time was limited.

But what if you did?

What if you decided you were going to let this exercise reveal to you what is really important to you in your life… and changed the way you are spending your time each day knowing your time here on earth is limited?

How much would that clarify things in your life for you?

How fast would you stop doing the things that weren’t helping you LIVE, LOVE, and MATTER (as a mentor of mine Brendan likes to say)?

Probably pretty fast.

You’d probably spend more time with family.

Do the things you’ve wanted to do all your life (finally).

Do FEWER things everyday… but those things you were doing would be the ones that really matter in your life.

Now, of course none of us want to ever see that day… when we’d be told we have only months to live.

But don’t wait for something like that to happen to force you to get urgent about doing ONLY the things that matter.

Only the things that truly matter in your business (ditch all of the crap that’s not the most direct path to getting you to where you need to go. Stop learning so much and start doing).

Only the things that truly matter in your life.

It’s funny how when you’re given a limited time… it tends to make us a lot more urgent… and it immediately peels away the crap in our lives that fills up 70% of our time everyday.

Clear out the crap that is “filler” in your days right now… get urgent… and don’t wait until you’re told you have a limited time left in your life… to start living life that way.

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