The Great Email Experiment – To Kill or Not To Kill?

So, question for ya… what if you had to live without checking email for 30 days?  I mean… 100% zero email.  Not online. Not on your phone.  You couldn’t check email at all. What would you do?  Could you even do it with the way things are right now? 185 – That’s a pretty accurate … Continued

How to get things done – 50 Minute Focus Finder

Focus is the biggest roadblock between getting what you want in your biz.  I came across this video last week and watched it twice.  As my own businesses grow I’ve found myself spreading myself in many directions… and this video has some awesome nuggets I’m applying in my own line now. Check ‘er out.

Starting from scratch…

You know those days when something terrible happens but in the end it starts to be kinda a good thing? Well…. that happened this week. Here’s the story… On Monday I was fiddling around in my FTP client (which I should leave up to my web guys)… and somehow deleted the entire directory that my … Continued